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Air Compressor & Air Dryer Tips

Air Compressor Tech Tips
To keep air-cooled rotary screw compressors from shutting down on high temperature:

  • Keep your oil coolers and aftercoolers clean
  • Use the proper coolant
  • Maintain the appropriate coolant level
  • Make sure there are no air restrictions on the intake cooling air
  • Have your coolers cleaned at least twice a year. Try to schedule it so one of the cleanings is done right before summer
  • Make sure discharge temperature is within normal range – 175° F to 200° F

Air Dryer Tech Tips
To keep your air dryer operating efficently:

  • Check the pressure – dryers remove moisture most efficiently at higher system pressure.

  • Check the temperature – air heats up during the compression process and cools as it moves downstream. The cooler the air before entering the dryer, the more efficiently the dryer operates.
  • Check ambient conditions – High ambient temperatures reduce the efficiency of an air-cooled dryer. The ambient temperature should be less than 100° F.

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